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Affordable, and flexible to suit the whole family :: Windsor Caravans

After more than 40 years of building some of Australia’s best caravans and campers, Windsor Caravans are going from strength to strength as we evolve with you. All Windsor Caravans are built with you in mind, and this year we will be launching fresh, new models and celebrating with outstanding offers and exciting promotions.


The perfect match for young active families seeking their signature Australian touring style, the Rapid is the ideal first move for a lifetime of breathtaking hoilday experiences.

An adaptable, upmarket hybrid van fully loaded with a wealth of options, this luxury camper is defined by style, comfort and enhanced convenience all the way. Families on the move will revel in the superior attention to detail, ensuring the Rapid is the consummate choice when flexibility is key, and a range of layout configuration and space saving features and designs ensure the Rapid has everything to match your travel requirements.


It’s all about the pop-top and what it can do for you. The SEKA innovation allows Windsor to build a full pop-top with various layouts in an ultra-low-line that enables you to store it in most garages and carports throughout Australia. No longer will you need to modify that garage or entrance due to the roof and inc antenna sits under 2,100mm which is one of if not the lowest standard height pop-top in Australia today.

Layouts that allow both couples and families to enjoy the freedom of what Australia has to offer is now available in the SEKA pop-top by Windsor.


If you have the off-road vehicle then we have the matching Camper to get you out and about. This fully off-road spec’d beast is the newest edition to the Windsor family and is ready to take you places you have never been before.

Features including a new wind up system, which will see you without the hassle of cables, exclusive slotted furniture to floor fixing adding strength and reliability to your vehicle and a one piece roof construction capable of lifting a boat. Also to mention is the sheer look of this machine and all of its off-road stature. All these things scream two things, durability and ruggedness and this van has it in spades.